If you’re looking for purified water and peace of mind, there are many available options. So, just how is AquaTru Water Purifiers truly the best? While the reasons are just as free-flowing as AquaTru’s delicious water, we’ve come up with three main reasons why you should go with AquaTru and not other filters. 

1. AquaTru stands apart from the rest in its ability to remove harmful contaminants

AquaTru water isn’t just filtered—it’s purified. With unique 4-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, every AquaTru is capable of removing dozens of worrisome contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, PFOA, PFOS, and many more. In fact, it’s independently tested to NSF standards to do exactly that! 

It’s been found that tap water in the US can be harboring more than 270 dangerous contaminants. Simple carbon filters like those used in pitcher filters or fridge filters just don’t do enough to remove some of the most harmful contaminants. With AquaTru’s ability to remove up to 15 times more contaminants than classic water filter pitchers, it’s the best, most cost-effective solution to provide worry-free water. 

2. Less filter changes, mean lower costs and less waste

Compared with popular pitcher filters that need to be replaced after only two months, the filters in your AquaTru can truly stand the test of time. For the countertop purifiers, you can go six months—or up to two years!—with some of the filters. Not only does this save you time, but it’s also where the significant cost savings come into place. 

Awarded as the Best Countertop Water Filter by Good Housekeeping, AquaTru took the #1 spot because its revolutionary purification technology removes the most contaminants and longer-lasting filters make the annual replacement cost similar to that of the sub-par filters found in cheap filtration options. 

All AquaTru countertop purifiers also come with a convenient Change Filter indicator light so you never have to guess when your filters need to be changed. As an added bonus, with the AquaTru Connect purifier, the system’s connected smart app shows you precise filter life right from the app, so you can always be prepared with fresh filters on hand. You can even order replacement filters right from the app. 

Taking into consideration the waste associated with filter replacement, AquaTru also outcompetes many of the rest. Filters are notoriously difficult to recycle, so replacing them less often is better for our planet. 

We should also mention that in between filter replacements, the AquaTru countertop purifiers are less wasteful here, too. Many RO systems produce three—or even five—gallons of wastewater per gallon of filter water produced. That’s up to 80% of water going right down the drain just for one gallon of pure water! With an 80% recovery rate, AquaTru’s patented countertop purification systems result in only 20% wastewater, which you could easily put to use in any one of these sustainable uses. 

3. AquaTru makes pure, deliciously healthy water accessible to all

Reverse osmosis technology is one of the best ways to arm ourselves against dangerous tap water contaminants. Unfortunately, it often requires an installation into the cold water line of plumbing systems, making it inaccessible to people who don’t own their homes or can’t afford the cost of installation and professional maintenance that so many standard under sink RO purifiers require. 

AquaTru’s Countertop Purifiers provide one of the best no-fuss ways to get pure, delicious RO water—no plumbing required! While it’s recommended to get the help of a professional for the AquaTru Under Sink Purifier, it can be done without one if you’ve got the right tools and know-how. 

Even if you do enlist the help of a specialist for the initial installation, the time and financial investment will be far lower than that of other under the sink RO systems as you won’t face costly professional maintenance charges to change your filters since AquaTru has easy DIY filter changes. As an added bonus, keeping it properly maintained—and free of bacteria in your under sink holding tank—is far easier, too! AquaTru’s patent-pending TruPure RO Sanitizer makes it extremely easy and user-friendly to keep your holding tank in pristine condition and your water as pure as can be. No costly professionals needed.

AquaTru also has a convenient 3-pay option (no approval needed) or 12 month payment plans with Affirm Payments (subject to approval) to make investing in and protecting your health easier than ever.

Find The AquaTru That’s Right for You!

It’s no secret that chemicals, pollutants, and other toxins are ending up in our tap water. Popular water filter pitchers and fridge filters unfortunately only remove a handful of contaminants that focus on improving taste. AquaTru is a clear winner when it comes to guaranteeing you clean, healthy water that you can trust. With AquaTru, it’s not just filtered–it’s purified. Try one for yourself—we’re confident you’ll love it. 

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