Meet Our Founders

Peter Spiegel

Founder + CO-CEO

Lots of little kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up. But what Peter Spiegel dreamt of, as a grade-schooler in Long Island, New York, was how he could make the world a better place for everyone. A specific career path was yet to emerge, but his inner consciousness spoke clearly. He should be of service to the world and take on its greatest challenges.

Katie Williams

Founder + CO-CEO

What compelled Katie Williams to hop on her bike and become the very first girl in her upstate New York hometown to have a paper route? Probably the same reason she cycled all the way to Nova Scotia at just 17, spent two weeks snowshoeing in the Adirondack Mountains in subzero temperatures and traveled the world immersing herself in meditation and service. She’s a seeker. Someone who lives her values, and leads with an open heart.

Meet Our Team

Ideal Living is the health and wellness parent company of AquaTru.
We develop socially and environmentally responsible brands with the shared mission to ensure that everyone has access to a solid foundation for wellness. Since 1999, Ideal Living has been democratizing quality wellness by sharing superior, science-backed products with our customers. From clean air and pure water, Ideal Living is here to help your organization live an optimized life. Who is Ideal Living? We are truth-telling, compassionate innovators who place science and accessibility above all else. Though our team members come from around the world, we have one major thing in common: we care. Our shared values guide us in creating proven solutions that leave a positive impact on people and the planet. With energy and intention, we roll up our sleeves everyday to uncover the best possible ways to help you and your business thrive.