The Hidden Dangers of Bottled Water: A Closer Look at Nanoplastic Pollution - AquaTru

In the wake of growing environmental concerns, a startling revelation from a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has come to light: a typical one-liter bottle of water is found to contain about 240,000 plastic fragments. That’s 100 times more plastic particles than previously estimated. Alarmingly, many of these plastic particles are so minuscule—less than 1 micrometer in length—that they have been virtually undetectable until now. Known as nanoplastics, these particles are small enough to penetrate human cells, posing potential health risks to us and, crucially, to the well-being of our children.


As nurturers and protectors of our families, understanding the health risks associated with nanoplastics or any contaminants in your water is critical. These particles can infiltrate human cells, circulate through the bloodstream, and potentially impact our organs, even reaching unborn babies through the placenta. The thought of exposing our children to such contaminants through the water we provide is deeply unsettling.

This study challenges the common perception of bottled water as a clean and safe option, urging us to reconsider the sources of our drinking water.

Recognizing these concerns, AquaTru offers our advanced 4-stage reverse osmosis purifiers. Not just enhancing the taste of water, our systems are designed to achieve a level of purity that grants peace of mind, especially to our AquaTru family striving to ensure the health and safety of their families.

Currently, while NSF standards specifically for nanoplastics in reverse osmosis systems are in development, AquaTru is committed to quality and safety. Our purified water tanks, made from borosilicate glass or Tritan plastic, are free from BPAs, Forever Chemicals, Phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, ensuring that your family is protected from a wide array of contaminants.

The recent findings on nanoplastics serve as a wake-up call, highlighting the urgency of proactive measures to shield our loved ones from potential hazards. AquaTru is dedicated to supporting you on this journey, ensuring peace of mind with every glass of water you drink.