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We get it. Life is busy, which is why the last thing you want to worry about is your water chemistry and what unhealthy contaminants might be lurking in it. This is why we designed AquaTru water purifier to make drinking clean water less complicated. Recently, we turned to customers like you to help us make the AquaTru countertop purifiers even more convenient. 

Introducing our newest accessory: the AquaTru Sliding Tray

Move your AquaTru back and forth on your counter with ease!  

The Most Convenient Countertop Water Purifier Just Got A Little More Convenient

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to drink purified water. We started by creating a purifier without any installation or plumbing AND that’s certified to NSF standards to remove 83 contaminants, and since then have optimized our original AquaTru and added two new purifiers.

But the sky’s the limit when it comes to better hydration, so we’ve been in touch with our wonderful customers to see how they can fall deeper in love with their AquaTru. Here’s what we found out:

AquaTru’s countertop design, one-touch dispenser and removable clean water tank are convenient, but filling up tall water bottles and pitchers can be a little difficult.

The AquaTru water purifier is designed to seamlessly fit under any kitchen cabinet. This way, it leaves plenty of room for chopping and mixing. But sometimes it’s hard to fit larger bottles and water pitchers under AquaTru’s spout. 

Busy households love how easy it is to access pure, delicious, worry-free water at home. An easier way to empty and refill the tap water tank would make each sip even more streamlined.

One of the best things about AquaTru is how it barely takes up any precious countertop real estate! In some cases, however, the purifier’s sleek, space-saving design can make accessing the tap water tank a little tricky if it’s always tucked away under your kitchen cabinets. 

AquaTru’s New Sliding Tray 

A simple addition to an already-amazing product makes it even better. Whether you’re getting one for your current AquaTru, or buying one with your new AquaTru countertop purifier, our new AquaTru Sliding Tray allows you to move your AquaTru back and forth on your counter with ease.  

With a simple button, you’ll be able to slide the AquaTru to the edge of the counter to fill up a bottle or pitcher, or easily access the tap water tank. To return it to its spot on your counter, apply the button, and voila— slide it back and it’ll be locked in place. 

That’s what we like to call convenient, space-saving, sliding, gliding hydration. ???? Thank you for helping to make it possible!

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