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It’s officially summer, and we couldn’t be more excited to soak up some sun and dive into some water. But don’t forget to stay hydrated in the heat. 

In honor of all of the beautiful summer produce that is at its peak, here are a few refreshing infused water recipes to keep you sipping all summer long. 

Peaches + Orange + Mint

There’s nothing like biting into a juicy, summer peach. Add some slices of a sweet peach to your water along with orange slices and fresh mint springs, for a lip smackingly good glass of water.

Blackberries (or Blueberries or Raspberries or Marionberries) + Lemon + Mint

Berries are the jewels of the summer fruit. Their bright, vibrant colors look beautiful in a glass, but when eaten at the peak of their season, there may not be anything more perfect. Add whatever berry tickles your fancy, along with slices of organic lemon and fresh sprigs of mint. 

Strawberries + Basil + Lemon

If you’ve never tried basil in your water, get ready. The combination of the herb with a succulent strawberry and fresh lemon slices is the definition of refreshing. 


  1. Add fruit to AquaTru water. If you have a carbonator, carbonate your AquaTru water first, then add fruit for some extra effervescent fun.
  2. Let sit for at least 5 minutes for water to infuse, or from 2 hour to 2 days, refrigerated.

Think of these recipes as guidelines. Feel free to improvise with your herbs and citruses–mint instead of basil, grapefruit instead of orange–it’s up to you and your tastebuds!


  • Gently slap mint against the palm of your hand to release some of the essential oils.
  • You can leave berries whole or smash a couple of them to release their juices and add flavor faster. 
  • If you leave citrus in water too long (more than a 1-2 days), it can start to impart a bitter taste from the rind.
  • Eat the leftover fruit–don’t let it go to waste!

Remember, local produce is always best, so grab a bag and head to your local farmers market. Pick whatever looks and smells the most delicious, and you’ll be guaranteed to be hydrating deliciously in no time.

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