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AquaTru Review By Tania G.

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By Tania G. from Lebanon, PA On 11/13/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 2 Years 3 Months Ago

The only water for me

I drink A LOT of water; I am a water snob. Before AquaTru, I was only drinking purified water from various venders. My reason for purchase was because I was concerned with the waste of plastic bottles and I wanted to ensure we had readily available drinking water that was as good as the purified water I usually purchased during a water bottle shortage. Before my purchase, I was concerned with the cleaning and maintenance, but it is actually very easy and in no way cumbersome. Before purchase, I was also concerned about the taste, but the moment I had my first taste of the water, I was on board. It's the best water I've ever had. I've had the machine 7 months, and I still find myself staring at the water pitcher as I pull it off of the machine to store in the refrigerator in amazement at how clear the water is with AquaTru. My family is drinking more water too! I even bottle up my AquaTru water to take to work, instead of drinking the spring water from the water cooler. Love this water!

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