It’s Earth Day: Here’s How to Get Involved - AquaTru

Earth Day is here, and while there are things we can all do everyday to live more sustainably, here’s why we need to protect our planet, as well as some things to try on April 22 and beyond.

Science has spoken and climate change is here. Due to human actions and greenhouse gas emissions, our planet is warming at an unprecedented rate—bringing with it serious changes for animals, ecosystems, and humans. Over the past couple of years, we’ve already seen record-breaking heat, extreme weather, and even an increase in related health impacts—like allergies. 

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom because there are many simple changes we can make to support our planet, and ourselves at the same time! In fact, there’s one quick fix to one of our biggest environmental problems: plastic. 

  • We’re producing more plastic than ever before; in fact, we’re producing 19378% more plastic now than we did in 1950—and this is supposed to double by 2050!
  • Most of our problematic plastic comes in the form of single-use plastics, those things that we likely use and dispose of without even realizing it—plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic packaging, and the worst offender: plastic water bottles

The solution is all too simple, and Earth Day is the best time to make changes in your life! With just one set of AquaTru filters, you’ll get the equivalent of 4,500 water bottles. Add an extra pre-filter, and that replaces 9,000 water bottles. The average American will drink about 10,000 plastic bottles in their life, so it’s clear that one quick and easy switch can make a world of difference. 

Here are 10 easy ways to reduce single-use plastic from your everyday life and live more sustainably:

  1. Hydrate sustainably with a glass or stainless steel water bottle. Doesn’t it just taste better that in plastic anyways?
  2. While we’re talking about hydration–use metal or glass straws to sip sustainably.
  3. Carry a reusable bag (or one, or two or more!). Always have one on hand to take to the grocery store, farmers market or wherever you shop.
  4. Use plastic-free containers like glass to store food, grains, flour and more.
  5. Buy in bulk to avoid food packaging and store grains, nuts, flour, etc. in glass or metal jars for a beautiful pantry on display.
  6. Pack reusable cutlery and say “no, thanks” to single-use plastic at takeout.
  7. DIY your own cleaning products. From baking soda & lemon scrubs to all natural all-purpose cleaners, you can eliminate bottle after bottle of plastic waste.
  8. Support scientific research and advocacy by donating to an environmental non-profit organization. From local to international, there are countless to choose from, but here is a great place to get started.
  9. Find an Earth Day event near you!
  10. Educate others. Encourage a friend to find ways to eliminate or reduce single-use plastic. We’re all in this together and every effort counts!