As Queen Bey knowingly asks, “Who run the world?”

Women and girls are the backbone of communities around the world. That’s why this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the heroism of the women across the globe who, believe it or not, put their lives on the line to gather water for their families. They are #TruWaterWarriors in every sense. Let’s take a moment to celebrate those who not only bring life into this world but continue to sustain it.

For many, the closest water source is hours, maybe even days away. When such is the case, according to UNICEF USA, “80% of the time, women are left responsible for locating and transporting clean water.” The UN estimates that in Africa alone, women 40 billion hours a year walking for water.

If clean water were more accessible, these women could be doing so much more, like attending school, and spending time with family, and starting businesses–all things that allow them to take control of their own futures and lead to economic security for their families and communities. 

Clean water provides the foundation for a thriving life.

Access to clean water is also directly connected to hygiene. Clean water allows people the right to experience a cleaner, more sanitary life. This cleanliness can reduce exposure to diseases caused by unclean water or poor hygienic conditions. According to Charity: Water, “60% of diarrheal disease deaths [globally] are estimated to be due to inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene. But hand washing alone can reduce diarrhea cases by about 30%.” 12 year old Hadjara in Niger understood the direct connection hygiene and hand washing had with to her access to education.

At AquaTru, we believe that clean water is a right and that an optimized life starts with access to clean water. Our mission is to uplift families and communities through access to clean, healthy drinking water with proven purity. Did you know that over 2.2 million people in the United States don’t have access to running water and that 3 out of 4 people have tap water that contains contaminants above health guidelines? It’s our goal to spill the truth about tap water in the U.S., and with every AquaTru purchase, you’re helping bring access to clean water to the most vulnerable in communities around the country like Flint. We’re excited to share more stories with you in the coming months about how your purchase helps those most in need here at home.

This International Women’s Day, we join in solidarity with those organizations helping pursue this mission around the globe.

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Learn more! Read more about how access to clean water in developing countries can change everything in terms of education, income and health – especially for women and children. https://water.org/about-us/news-press/water-crisis-womens-crisis/. Knowledge is power.
  2. Give. Consider making a donation to organizations providing access to clean water to people around the world like Charity: Water , Water.org, Water Aid, Water Is Life, and so many other deserving organizations.

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