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Why AquaTru and Not Other Filters?

If you’re looking for purified water and peace of mind, there are many available options. [...]

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated While You Travel

Often, summertime and travel go hand in hand. The warm months also serve as a [...]

Summertime Dining al Fresco + Recipes!

There’s nothing better than warm summer breezes, the company of loved ones, and the smell [...]

Why Your Bottled Water Is Destroying Your Health and the Environment

A Deep Dive Into the Dark Side of Single-Use, Plastic Water Bottles This World Ocean [...]

Spring Cleaning, Sustainably

After the Easter bunny, it’s time to turn our attention to dust bunnies. Spring brings [...]

A Reminder to Be Kind to Yourself During Mental Health Awareness Month

From May 1-31, the United States will celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. You’ve likely seen [...]

How to Stay Hydrated: Healthy Hydration Goals

It’s the new year. We’ve all had our share of holiday feasting and drinking—and deserved [...]

EPA Announces PFAS Roadmap to Speed Up Protection Against ‘Forever Chemicals’

PFASs, or “forever chemicals,” are a class of chemicals that have been polluting our environment [...]

PFAs in Our Drinking Water

PFASs, or “forever chemicals,” have been polluting our environment for decades—we’ve even written about them [...]

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