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Let’s Track the Journey of a Plastic Bottle

When it comes to simple swaps, a few items always make the list. Some of [...]

It’s Plastic Free July! Celebrate with these 7 Simple Swaps

Want to be a part of one of the largest movements to curb plastic pollution? [...]

3 Infused Water Recipes to Sip on This Summer!

It’s officially summer, and we couldn’t be more excited to soak up some sun and [...]

It’s World Oceans Day! Here’s How You Can Do Your Part

While the one-day celebration of World Oceans Day is on June 8, there are several [...]

4 Tips for Earth-Friendly Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! Chances are you’ve probably got a few more deep cleaning [...]

It’s Earth Day: Here’s How to Get Involved

Earth Day is here, and while there are things we can all do everyday to [...]

PFAs in Our Drinking Water

PFASs, or “forever chemicals,” have been polluting our environment for decades—we’ve even written about them [...]


PFAS, PFOS, & PFOA, oh my! Growing concern about ‘forever chemicals’ in our tap water

Contaminants Affecting Your Tap Water Quality Recent research by the non-profit Environmental Working Group revealed [...]

Toxic Tap Water Cover-Up

 Thought your tap water was pure?  Think again!  Deadly toxins lurk every time you turn [...]