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AquaTru Review By Laurie

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Water Taste

By Laurie from El Dorado, CA On 11/10/2020

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Leaky Spout

The water tastes great, but the spout leaks, not sure why. So, this is annoying. If you have a tip on how to fix it, that would be great!! I also get tired of refilling it, and I’m mostly the only one who drinks it! Also didn’t realize that I have to use supplement with minerals now.

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Merchant response for this review:

Hi Laurie, We're sorry you have had this issue with your spout. One question to clarify... When you say it leaks, do you mean that the water keeps coming out of the spout for a second or so after you stop pressing the dispenser button, which is normal, or do you mean that water leaks out of the spout at other times, when you're not dispensing water? If it is leaking at times other than when you are dispensing water, we will send you a new tank. Please email Mary: and she can have a new tank sent to you.