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AquaTru Review By wild bill peacock

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Water Taste

By wild bill peacock from San Francisco, CA On 01/17/2020

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water tastes good, but wash hands and sink first

i dont understand why you would put the handle INSIDE the prefilter water tank. this means my hands have to be clean enough to drink off of. im a dogwalker, i feed my dogs raw food. so every day i risk contamination because of the location of the handle. having the valves on the BOTTOM of the prefilter water tank means that if there are dirty dishes in the sink, IT GETS IN MY WATER. i guess no one you tested this on has roommates? im being forced to do their dishes so i can get a clean drink of water. i think your water tastes better than zip, but your design hasnt been thought through very far. zip’s handle was on the bottom and its valve was on the side, so it had none of these sanitation problems

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