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AquaTru Review By Sandy

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By Sandy from Hollywood, FL On 01/15/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 2 Years 4 Months Ago

Good counter-top filtering system

I like the counter-top system as I did not want to install an RO in rental property, and it is an easy process to maintain (I'd change a few little design things: make the lid for the tap water removable for easier cleaning of the tank, and move the handle to the outside if that were possible, mostly because of the channels in the handle (could be potential mold harbors as those indentations are not easy to clean especially because the LID doesn't come off)). And the filters don't remove EVERY dissolved solid (calcium and magnesium, which are safe, but I actually re-filter in another system to remove all particulates (safe or not!). The city water is OK, meets regulations, but EWG pointed out a few things I did not like so I bought this filter (and I swear the water in the building where I am living is pumped out of the fake-lake...OK kidding, but the pipes in this place are very old and nasty!)

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