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By John from Morrison, TN On 08/02/2019

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countertop unit is very convenient.

Good for couple. In larger family would be changing water all the time. Keeps us busy with just water for drinking and coffee for two of us. For larger family would need a whole house system. We also use a Zero water pitcher for a fifth filter stage. We put the AquaTru water into the Zero Water pitcher. Our tap water registers 145 on Zero water tester. AquaTru drops it to 5 or 6. Zero pitcher takes it to zero so now the Zero Water filter lasts a much longer time. We have drastically dropped our use of bottled water. Zero water filters take the test reading to zero routinely but the filters are expensive and you change them when the reading reaches 5 or 6 which is equal to Aqua true’s results. Haven’t changed Aqua Tru’s filters yet but they are much more expensive than Zero Water. If I had to choose only one system I would keep the Zero Water, but together they make a great, if complicated, system.

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