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AquaTru Review By Cynthia

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Water Taste

By Cynthia from Canton, MI On 01/04/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 3 Years 7 Months Ago

Mostly great, except...

I love having purified water, and I think that AquaTru does an excellent job. The chemical-ness of tap water is so obvious after using AquaTru. I can hardly stand to drink tap water anymore, and even bring quart or half gallon upcycled milk jars of water with me to work and on short driving trips. However, there are 2 things that I don’t like about the AquaTru device. First, I have found that algae can grow in an inaccessible area of the inlet, below the clean water tank. I cannot even get q-tips in there to clean it. I started adding a few dashes of Himalayan pink salt to each clean tank, and I think it has helped keep the algae at bay. The second is that the clean water inlet and the blue button outlet both leak at times. There will be water under the clean water tank that I have to dry before starting the next batch. And I keep a cloth under the outlet button, which catches most leaks. The leaking only happens after use, not while it is just sitting. Some minor annoyances

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