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AquaTru Review By Liz B.

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By Liz B. from San Antonio, TX On 04/14/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 2 Years 4 Months Ago

Why would you not want to invest in this?!

I hear you. Price. Who has a few hundred bucks to put down? I didn’t but there a few price options and plans to choose from that fit most budgets. Still, it is an investment and here’s why I invested. Plastic water bottles are stockpiled in landfills, oceans and they’re just not the best option anymore. But I get it, we want clean water and a lot of times, it doesn’t come from a tap so we buy it. When this pandemic happened, bottled water in my city was limited and being rationed to customers. Imagine that. I got my AquaTru and was able to stop buying bottled water and I had high quality, clean water that tasted good. Water tasting good? Yup. You’ll see the difference. Now I use my own cups, thermoses and pitchers to store my filtered water and I no longer need to buy. I’m doing the Earth a favor, saving money in the long run and giving my body less contaminated junk. Do it. It’s worth the investment and the piece of mind is priceless.

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