Carafe ONLY Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC Filter

PRODUCT Description

This filter can only be used in the AquaTru Carafe Purifier.

The Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC filter is certified to NSF Standards will last one year or 300 gallons, whichever comes first.

If you love the mineral-rich taste of water (similar to brands like Evian or Arrowhead) and the healthy benefits of alkaline water, our newest filter is made just for you. It creates alkaline water and adds in healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium to quench your thirst. Replaces the classic Carbon VOC Filter and has a 300 gallon filter life.

This carbon filter is made of high-quality activated carbon. It removes inorganic compounds like rocket fuel, prescription drug residue and PFAS, leaving you with pure, great-tasting water.

Note: If you prefer the crisp, mineral-free taste of water (similar to brands like Aquafina or Smart Water), we think you’ll love our classic Carbon VOC filter instead.

Operating Parameters

Temperature: Min 4°C. (39°F); Max 38° (100°F)

Carafe ONLY Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC Filter



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