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Like so many of you, we are horrified and heartbroken to see the tragedies unfolding in Ukraine, the senseless loss of life and the speed at which this humanitarian crisis is escalating. Millions have already fled their homes with over 75,000 children becoming refugees every day at the time of this writing. From work colleagues to friends and family who live in Ukraine, this crisis has hit close to home for us and many of our employees. 

Our parent company, Ideal Living, is founded on the mission that everyone deserves the right to clean air, clean water and a solid foundation for wellness. While we normally focus our community impact efforts on those areas, that foundation of basic human rights and peace of mind has been torn out from under the people of Ukraine, and we feel it is our responsibility to do our small part to help at this time. 

Ideal Living will donate 10% of net proceeds on all AquaTru water purifiers purchased over the next 2 weeks (3/18-4/1) to the nonprofit Direct Relief to help the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. However, if you’d just like to make a donation, we’ve also started a fundraiser for Direct Relief to collect funds, which you can find here.  

Why Direct Relief?

There are many impactful organizations out there, all of which are doing excellent work and are deserving of support and funding, especially at this time. The rising tide will lift all boats in this crisis. 

We selected the nonprofit Direct Relief because we wanted to have the most immediate impact on the ground and provide much needed medical aid, especially as attacks and bombings continue to increase. They are currently working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other local, on-the-ground partners and NGOs to provide critical medical aid and medicine to people still in Ukraine and those who have fled the conflict to neighboring countries. They also have deep roots in providing humanitarian assistance in this region.

“Direct Relief was created out of the ashes of WWII by Europeans who fled. It’s stunning and sad that humanitarian assistance is needed again in the same neighborhood, but it’s definitely consistent with our organization’s roots, initial focus, and longstanding mission.”

Thomas Tighe, President & CEO, Direct Relief

Direct Relief is also actively working with manufacturers of essential medical supplies to facilitate donations. Crucially, they deploy over 99% of their funding directly to the cause they’re supporting and less than 1% to cover administrative costs, so your donation will go farther to have a direct and impactful benefit for those devastated by this inhumane and brutal conflict.  Since the attacks started last month, Direct Relief has already delivered over 11 million doses of medicine and over $57 million in medical aid, and you can find even more transparent statistics on their website

We hope there is a near term diplomatic solution to this senseless war but we know that the need for humanitarian assistance will continue well beyond the end of these horrible hostilities. 

If you are able, we want to make it easy for you to contribute in any way you feel most comfortable.

How you can contribute

Any amount, no matter how small, will help at this time. 

  • Donate via our fundraiser
  • Donate directly to Direct Relief
  • And as we mentioned above, 10% of net proceeds on all AquaTru water purifier purchases made between 3/18-4/1 will be donated to Direct Relief

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