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AquaTru Review By LazyDaisy248

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By LazyDaisy248 from Farmington, MI On 01/09/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 4 Years 4 Months Ago

After a Year, this is the water I prefer

I've had it for a year. My boys drink a lot more water now as it tastes so much better. Filters seem to last a reasonable amount of time, although they fail between sales so I land up paying more for my replacements! Room for improvement -- the weird shape of the contraption takes up unnecessary space. 2) There's no great way to clean the base surface on which the water pitchers sit. 3) sometimes, the drinkable water pitcher leaks where the water is forced into it after filtering. 4) Wish this were an 'under the counter' type set up. We go through A LOT of water, and I am constantly 'brewing' more, as we call it. 5) the base could be taller. Lots of doodads don't fit under it, and if I leave it so that it hangs over the counter, we get a fair amount of water on the floor as the boys can't be bothered to wait until it stops dripping/dispensing. 6) I keep waiting for it to fail, and for me to be faced with buying another or going a different route. So pleased that it's still pumping

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