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AquaTru Review By Denise Kofkoff

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By Denise Kofkoff from Scottsdale, AZ On 01/03/2020

Verified Buyer! Purchased 2 Years 4 Months Ago

The system has some issues

This is my 3rd Aqua Tru system and I don't think the quality is top notch. The first two I purchased seemed to be better. This one seems to have some issues. It sometimes leaks, it sometimes doesn't turn on, it sometimes tells me I need to change filters even though we haven't run it long enough for that to happen, and I sometimes have to reset it. None of these things happen all the time, but it is annoying to deal with. Had I not owed 2 previous systems, I may not have noticed the issues on this one. The water does tasted good, so that is it's saving grace. Customer Service; I sent an email that went unanswered, which doesn't bode well. I did call and the representative was poilte and helpful, We did trouble shooting and she said I should use the system for a time longer to see if the issues continue. In the meantime, all my info is there for future reference in case the issues do not resolve

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